June Habit #20 I’ve Been Dehydrated

Dear FlyLady,

I’ve discovered something amazing! For years I have been addicted to chapstick – I have a tube or tub of carmex in every purse, every pocket, & every drawer so I can always find one because I’m always losing them and I need them about once an hour.

I always figured it’s because I’m living in such a dry climate and, of course, I’m getting older.  UNTIL I started filling four 16-oz bottles at bed time to drink the next day – I keep them in the frig and as I empty each one I set it next to the water dispenser to fill up at the end of the day.

So I’ve been doing this for several weeks now, and for the last week or two I haven’t needed lip balm any more!!! I’ve been dehydrated for YEARS and had no idea until I started “making” myself drink 64 oz of water a day whether I was “thirsty” or not.

This is the best “FlyLady” habit yet! No more a slave to lip balm! Thanks!!!!

Jennifer fluttering in Colorado

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