June Habit #21 Water Brings Better Health

Dear FlyLady,

I’m a recurring FlyBaby (hoping this time it will “stick”), but I do have a water story.

I am the very lucky recipient of TWO kidney transplants, August 1988 and December 2001. I was on dialysis for approximately five years total while waiting for those two amazing gifts of life.

While on in-center hemodialysis, most patients have a water restriction of ONE QUART – yes, just one quart of water per day and that includes all liquids. We are urged to keep a one quart pitcher of water in the fridge and drink from that (a very small glass at a time) and to pour out the liquid equivalent of anything else we eat or drink in the course of the day. When the pitcher is empty, that’s it for the day!

Once you receive a transplant, that particular restriction is reversed completely! We are now urged to drink freely and liberally. Often, we have to relearn that the sensation of thirst should be quickly followed by some quenching liquid, and ice cold water still is best for us.

While being adequately hydrated is especially important in the summer, year-round it brings better health. Your skin is better, as is your digestion. It’s vital for many functions of the human body.

Enjoy your water and enjoy your life!


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