June Habit #22 A Couple Of Tricks

Dear FlyLady,

I am not fortunate enough to have one of the amazing water bottles everyone talks about so much, but it IS next on my list…I know it is time for me to have one, you see, because I am easily walking over a mile across my home and back, refilling my ice cube trays (in fact I had to buy three more to ensure enough ice) to my sink to fill my cup several times a day.

Like many other Flybabies have said, I wasn’t a big water fan, either. I grew up in California, on city water. We had a filter, and water from the fridge, but it still wasn’t a big draw for me. My mom made sun tea and lemonade a lot so I drank those frequently, plus a ton of Kool-Aid, sad to say. We ALWAYS had Kool-Aid packets in the house and we kids were allowed to “make it at will” lol…so we did.

I’ve learned a couple tricks, even only ten days into our new habit this month that I really want to share with other FlyBabies, if you are willing:

1) Water keeps you feeling good!! It really, really does. It keeps you feeling full, so you’re not feeling “snacky” as my 8 yr old flydaughter says She LOVES to keep her blue cup filled now that school is out here. I also have a 13 yr old daughter and 10 yr old son. They say they feel better when they drink water, like momma. So we are ALL drinking more water!

2) You can flavor your water healthfully (and cheaply!) with a simple sneaky trick…if you grow herbs, or know someone who does, get some mint from them Cut a cucumber, yes a cuke, and some chunks of melon (we like watermelon but I use what I can get marked down at our local store for a dollar). Put them in a pitcher, the mint, cuke rounds and melon chunks at NIGHT. Fill the pitcher with water and put it in the fridge. The water gets infused over night and it tastes fresher! We love to do this.

3) The first week of this month was a little hard for us…we love soda for a treat but I am determined to cut it out completely. I am 4′ 11″ and my doctor, who is also a FlyBaby, says I need to lose 120 pounds…I weighed 264 at one point, I am down to 221 now thanks to Leanne and Saving Dinner, Body Clutter (checked out from the library, I HAVE to get me a copy), and Jonathon Roche…you all are amazing!! I need, for my health, because of Type 2 diabetes and my frame, to get to around 120-140 for optimum health.. NOW, with that said, SELTZER!!! I love fizzy stuff, my kids too. Seltzer KILLS the soda craving for me!! I get plain and mix with juices that we always have, but I also get the neat flavors to sip plain sometimes.

4) Lastly, I am a master gardener volunteer for two counties here in Maine. I work outside in my own garden a lot, in the community gardens and school gardens with kids, and helping neighbors with their own gardens. A sweet lady, new neighbor and friend I met this week told me something her mom taught her back in the depression…FREEZE GRAPES. They go on sale in the summer a lot…wash them and freeze them and use them for ice cubes! They don’t dilute your iced tea or seltzer or whatever, you don’t have to worry about the ice cube tray, and when they thaw out a little they make an awesome snack!!

5) Oops, okay, so I forgot one: FREEZE MELON CUBES FOR AMAZING “shakes.” Just put some in the blender with either vanilla yogurt or even just a little water. Amazing and inexpensive treat!! You can use frozen berries, too, when they really come into season and are on sale a lot or you can pick em yourself. Thanks for ALL the help and support you give us in so many ways, FlyLady!! You give us SO much of yourself, I am amazed you have any of yourself left.. but you know what they say about love, right?

The more you give away, the more you have!

Flybaby Moira

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