A Special Need

Dear Flylady:

This message doesn’t have to do with following your steps, but rather about how one of your products has served a special need for me that I bet you never thought of. I am a nursing instructor at our local community college. I take a group of up to ten beginning students to the hospital every week during the semester so they can learn to do clinical work with patients. It’s not an easy course and they all work very hard. At the end of the semester I like to give them a little something, and I have found the perfect gift: your “I’m So Proud of You” pencils. It truly expresses what I want to say to them, and they are always touched by this. Many of them say they keep it to take all their nursing exams (they have three more semesters after they finish my course). This week I saw my first group graduate, and one of the students told me she had kept the pencil and taken every exam with it. Thank you for helping all of us with this good sentiment.

Tucson, AZ

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