June Habit #23 Maintaining Balance

Dear FlyLady,

I must admit that my “fluid” of choice is not water, but as we all know water is the best for us. It keeps us hydrated and our body working as it should maintaining balance of our electrolytes and kidney function.

I have to force myself to drink water – I am pretty good at home, but not at work. At work I have found that if I set my timer, (yes I have one at work too) for 45 minutes, that gives me the auditory clue that I need to remind me to drink my water.

Of course by drinking more water, it requires more trips to the LGR (little girls room or loo) which then I drink more water right before I leave my desk for the trip to the bathroom. By doing this, I am able to drink at least 25 ounces of water before I leave the house in the morning, another 25-50 ounces at work, then more when I get home.

Since I don’t drink “cold” water, I prefer mine room temperature, my beautiful water bottle, sitting on my desk at work or on the counter at home reminds me to drink the fluid that will help me maintain my health.

Thanks for all you do! Hugs
~Stacey Ann

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