June Habit #25 Now I Can Get It

Dear FlyLady,

Your June habit of keeping hydrated has become much easier for me lately.

Our OLD refrigerator (it was put in when the house was built in 1972) finally began to give up the ghost around Christmas, and I told my husband that when we got a new one, I wanted one with the water and ice dispenser in the door. That is what we got.

I love ice cold water. Now I can get it with the quick push of a button instead of having to fill my glass with lukewarm water from the faucet and then hope that the kids left enough ice cubes in the tray to cool it down.

I find myself drinking many extra glasses a day and when I am at work or away from home with no access to my water, I now miss it a lot.

I stepped on the scale the other day and see that I have lost about 3 pounds and I attribute it to drinking my water like I am supposed to.

Kathy from Minnesota

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