Such a Difference


After moving to my new home and becoming a mother shortly after, I began to drown under a sea of clutter which I didn’t get round to sorting before I moved. I had accepted that I was a hoarder from a long line of hoarders (my parents house is packed full of clutter and after my grandmother passed away, my mother found bank statements in her house that were dating all the way back to the 1930s!). I thought this continuous battle with clutter was it for me and I would always live in CHAOS.

Then I saw a Flylady review in a paper and thought I would give it a try. I couldn’t believe how much of a difference 2 minutes makes.  Suddenly I could see my counter tops again. Thanks to the routines I have no mad dashes around the house before guests arrive and don’t panic if they turn up unannounced. I no longer arrive home to find that I have nothing to make for dinner (a major source of stress for me) because I’ve already planned my meals the week before.

I’m still not flying 100% but the bit I have managed makes such a difference. I try to complete either a daily mission or 15 minute declutter every weekday. I even added learning a language for 5 mins a day and a reminder to floss my teeth to my before bed routine so now my dentist is happy and my Polish is coming along nicely!

Flying in Ireland

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