June Habit #26 Dusted Off My Wings

Dear FlyLady,

I can’t believe I am writing to you about drinking water.

I have been so reluctant to drink water that my friends and family have come up with all sorts of ways to help. It is because I live in Tucson, Arizona where in the summer 95 degrees is considered a cool day!

Well, I have recently dusted off my wings after years of flying around your system, embracing habits here and there. The best has been doing a load a day for me!

Now June is drink water month and I have decided to take the challenge. I have a FlyLady water bottle and fill it with ice water and have been sipping it and refilling it throughout the day.

Now, here is a cherry of a tip! I went into the freezer to get more ice and saw I had an open bag of frozen cherries that I nibble on. I decided to drop one or two frozen cherries in my water bottle with the ice water.

The ice melts pretty quickly on a hot day, so when I finish the water, I get to top it off with a still fresh cherry! FlyLady, I will do anything to embrace this habit.

Looking forward to more tips!

Cooling off in Tucson

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