No Time For Crisis Cleaning

FinallyLoveYourselfDear FlyLady,

A friend told me about your site and I was overwhelmed at first.  When my kids/teenagers were home, we were on the go all the time and frankly, I was tired and overwhelmed. Because of that anxiety, I did only what was necessary to get by, basically putting out fires.  So of course when company was coming, it was crisis cleaning and dash and stash.

With my DD leaving for college, that left more free time to try to get something going. The  routines have helped me get organized and cleared out.  My DD was home from college and her friend came over and was amazed out how great the house looked.  We even had relatives from out of town and due to previous commitments, there was no time for “crisis cleaning.” For the first time ever, I was not worried because I have been sticking to my  routines and I knew the house looked presentable.

I also had the mind set that life is too short to let a little clutter get in my way of having people over.  Am I at my goal? No. Am I on my way? yes!  It’s a journey and I am not where I used to be.

Thank you FlyLady! Without your words of wisdom, I would be stuck.

Have a Great Day! 🙂

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