God Breezes are Blowing

Dear Friends,

Are you addicted to what people think? Many of you don’t really think you are as you go check your comments and likes on social media. This is so sad that it is not even funny. There are some bad people out there who want to discourage you. I am so blessed.

When I post something I rarely go back and look at the comments. If there are bad comments; usually there is a FlyBaby who will defend me. This happened two weeks ago when I asked everyone to pray for ALL of our elected officials. Evidently the comments were so bad that my son called to asked me why I had posted that. I told him that I had an overwhelming feeling that we all needed to pray to keep evil away from our elected and appointed officials. Thirty-six hours later there was an attack on our elected officials. Please keep them in your prayers. I am crying now.

Evil is everywhere trying to destroy our lives. Sometimes it comes in the form of clutter in our homes. Other times it is negative people who try to make us feel bad. Many years ago I was dealing with a person who was saying awful things about my Sweet Darling. She was his colleague who was determined to run against him. I was having terrible thoughts and I knew I needed to get a handle on them. I asked for help from my precious ladies.

My FlyBabies taught me to pray for an enemy. I did this by going to my place of prayer and I trying to pray. Prayer was not happening. Then I started to sing one of my favorite hymns, Sweet Hour of Prayer. There is a verse that says, “an oft escapes the tempter’s snare”; at that point I prayed to keep evil away from this woman.

We all have some sort of drama in our lives. When we quiet ourselves we can eliminate the much of this drama. When we are in that calm place we can hear what we need to do. Much of the drama comes from people whom you call a friend. Maybe you have been in this negative relationship for many years. Now is the time to evaluate what you are getting from this relationship.

As part of my study on this I was told about Psalms 131. I have read it many times in the last hour. Verse 2 says; Instead, I have calmed and quieted myself, like a weaned child who no longer cries for its mother’s milk. Yes, like a weaned child is my soul within me.

When we allow negative people to interrupt our peace; it is time for us to wean ourselves from them and Social Media in general. Here are some ways to do this.

  1. Block them on Social Media.
  2. Block them on your phone.
  3. Don’t slip over and read comments from them.
  4. Turn your phone off during the night or set up Do Not Disturb
  5. Leave your phone in the living room when you go to bed.
  6. Your phone is for your convenience.
  7. Don’t listen to the voices saying you are a bad person for blocking them.
  8. Pray for your strength.
  9. Pray for evil to stay away and it has to in Jesus’ name.
  10. Delete the apps from your phone. It makes it harder to get sucked into the drama.
  11. Post things that lift people up. Be someone’s joy for the day.
  12. Don’t look back at your posts to read comments, check number of views, or likes.

When we are FLYing, we don’t need likes, comments, and views to lift our spirits. We are whole without this external stimulation. Let it go! You will have so much more time for the positive relationships that build you up instead of tearing your down.


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