I’ve Learned So Much

A Can Do WorldDear FlyLady,

I’m a very organized person, but always have had low housekeeping standards and am fine with that (I live alone, so I have no one to please or care for but myself). Nonetheless, I wasn’t meeting even these low standards. There are three things I’ve learned from you that have made my life much easier and more pleasant.

The first is the Do It Now principle. I always have enjoyed bringing order from chaos, so I never have been particularly attracted to the idea of keeping things tidy since that deprives me of seeing more dramatic (though less frequent) results. However, I’ve come to appreciate the daily pleasure of tidy surroundings. Noticing and handling little things as they arise really helps.

The second is Anti-Procrastination Day. I keep a list of those nagging little things that need doing that require some extra effort, and every Wednesday I tackle them. This process satisfies my bring-order-from-chaos needs. 🙂

Finally, using a timer has made me aware of how much can be accomplished in a short period of time rather than spending more time dreading and avoiding the task than it takes to do it.

This note of appreciation is long overdue. Thank you!

FlyBaby Karen

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