June Habit #27 I Made It A Game

Dear FlyLady,

My children have been complaining about being tired and not wanting to go outside to play.

I realized they were not drinking much water.

So I came up with a game on our fridge. I drew a game board with a dry erase marker. It goes in a circle with 8 squares & a large start/finish space and ends where it begins.

As we drink a cup of water, we get to move our magnet piece to the next square. The kids are loving it! When they reach the finish line they get a prize. We do tickets in our home as rewards and have a reward cabinet much like chuck e cheese.

So my kids really want as many tickets as possible! Thank you for this months habit! You are not just helping me, but you are encouraging me to help my children too.

Flybaby in Newcastle, Oklahoma

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