How Do I Keep Up With Yard Work?

Today on my live video on Facebook we had a question about yard work. Many times we get hung up in our perfectionism. We want to see it all done in one day. Unless you pay a teenager to do this; it is not going to get done.

Check out our live video; I posted it on our website. The show had a different format. People got to go live with me in a split screen it was so cool!


Dear FlyLady,

It seems like we are having to mow and do yard work much earlier this year. I guess it is because of our mild winter. How do you keep up with your yard work?

Overwhelmed before Summer is even here.


Dear Overwhelmed,

Gardening is just like washing dishes or laundry. There is always some to do! We can’t allow our perfectionism to get in the way of getting SOMETHING done.

Procrastination is what causes us to get overwhelmed. We have to figure out ways to stop ourselves from putting things off. Let’s not think of Gardening as work. Look at what has to be done in your yard.

Weed flower beds
Dead head flowers
Pick flowers for your table
Fertilize your plants
Water plants and grass

Mowing has to be done once a week. What day are you going to mow? Pick a day and go do it! Mowing has four parts. Get mower ready to mow (do this when you put the mower away) that way you will always be ready to get it done. No more procrastination. Trim the edges of your yard and walk ways. Then it is time to mow: Now you get time to listen to your favorite music or audio book as you mow. After you are finished, get the mower ready to go again and put everything away.

Working in your flowers for any gardener is play for us. We must never forget that we can get sidetracked. To stop my procrastination I keep a little nail apron in a basket by my front door. In the apron, I keep my clippers, my gardening gloves and a little hand cultivator/shovel. All I have to do is set my timer, put on my gardening apron and head out the door to spend just 15 minutes. No excuses anymore, because my shoes are on my feet and everything is ready to go! Even if I just want to cut a flower for a vase, I am ready!

Most of us love fresh veggies. My granny always went out into her garden in the early morning. It reminds me of a song from church; I come to the garden alone while the dew is still on the roses. I think the name of the song is He Walks With Me. What a wonderful time to pick the fruits of your labor and commune with God. She would go out there with her hoe and a basket. She wore her hat too. Vegetables need to be picked once a day or at least checked to see what is ready. This is a great way to save money and feed your family. You will be amazed at what 15 minutes can accomplish if you are consistent.

Since I am not good at watering, I plant drought tolerant perennials. I WILL water my potted plants. I pick one day a week to do this, Tuesday. I also cheat when it comes to fertilizing my plants. I use a time released fertilizer. It has to be done once a season. I have beautiful plants with no guilt!

Do you see how easy it is to enjoy your yard and garden when you break it into babysteps and eliminate procrastination? Now go outside and play in your garden.



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