Thanks For The FlyWashing

Hi FlyLady!

Today I had things I wanted to do, but a VERY messy house that needed my attention.  I’m so proud that I didn’t get frustrated.  I started my day with a cup of coffee and decided to start sewing (what I really wanted to do).  Every 45 minutes, I took a break to do a room rescue, and reboot my laundry.  When the laundry was done, that would signal another break from sewing (or whatever other fun thing I’d started doing).  Now it’s evening…I’ve been able to do what I wanted to do today, AND my house is clean, too!  It was one “room rescue” at a time.  I didn’t burn myself out, and everything looks beautiful! Yippee!

I’m so happy that I’ve read enough Morning Musings and testimonials to have your words planted firmly in my head.  I have my FlyLady mantras that keep me going.  I tell myself, “Don’t obsess” when I’m straightening up, and “Hit a lick at a snake,” when I feel overwhelmed by a mess, and “Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family” when I start to worry that I’m not doing it right.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  What a happy day this has been…and it could have been terrible!  It’s no fun to spend a day not getting to do what you want, and fuming at yourself and others about a big mess throughout the house.  But it IS fun to watch it get straightened up 15 minutes at a time, and even have your babies jumping in to help without being asked!  Now, if I’d just get those routines down so that I wouldn’t need to have things get out of whack in the first place…I’ll get there!  😉



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