July Habit #1 My Bathroom Always Smells Pretty

Dear FlyLady,

I haven’t been Fluttering very long- sputtering it feels like most days!

I’m a full time student, I work part time, I work in the lab at school, I’m applying to grad schools and I have my very first solo apartment. I’m redoing my BabySteps again and I’m on day 8 now.

But one thing I’ve done, fairly consistently since I joined FlyLady has been the Swish and Swipe. I love to escape by taking bubble baths and used to have to scrub out the tub every time I wanted to take one.

But for months now, I’ve done a swish and swipe every morning. I can take a bubble bath whenever I want. My bathroom always smells pretty and it’s one room I can retreat to.

In my half bath (some how, my one bedroom apartment has one and a half baths) I have a hand soap in a pretty pump bottle. It smells lovely, but it is so drying it chaps my hands. I use a squirt of that to Swish in there and don’t have to worry about my kitty getting into it.

The rest of my home is quickly catching up.

Fluttering In NY

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