July Habit #2 It Does The Trick

Dear FlyLady,

This week I came up with a great tool for Swishing and Swiping (and I didn’t even know it was this month’s Habit! I flutter in and out…).

You know when you can’t get any more soap out of the shampoo bottle or liquid soap pump? But you can clearly see there’s still stuff left in there? Well, now I take those “empty” bottles, fill them with water, shake ’em up and leave them on a shelf or in a cabinet next to toilet.

When it’s time to Swish and Swipe, just a quick squirt or pump of this solution does the trick perfectly. Not only does it save buying any special, or possibly, toxic cleaner (“Soap is soap!”); but when these bottles’ second lives are over, they are already rinsed out and ready for the recycling bin.


Thanks for continuing to keep us aloft amidst the clutter that threatens to keep us grounded.

ADD Baby Meg Fairfield, CT

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