July Habit #3 A Quick Note

Dear FlyLady,

Just wanted to send a quick note and another Thank You!

This months habit is something that I have already conquered so it will be a month of trying to get my evening routine down.

But I’m so happy that I have already integrated the Swish and Swipe into my mornings!!

Last night I stopped by to say hello to my new landlords, who have purchased the house we live in and are moving in within this week. They showed me some of the work they have done in the upstairs and downstairs area (where my old landlords son lived).

They told me how filthy all of the bathrooms were, and they have decided just to get new toilets! This is a big expense after purchasing a big home. and it felt really good to tell them that I clean the toilet every day so they will never have this problem when we move out!

Is the apartment clutter free yet? Not quite…but I don’t have to worry about being embarrassed by the bathroom!

Thank you!
Lisa, Flybaby from Long Island

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