July Habit #4 Today Is The Day

Dear FlyLady,

Just had to send you a quick note to let you know what happened today.

After reading about “swish and swipe” for so long, I finally decided today was the day. Just before I left to work, I swiped my sink and swished and swiped the toilet. I thought, “That wasn’t so bad. It’s not as perfect as it could be — I mean, I just did a quick swipe — I didn’t even use bleach (I used shampoo) — but I could get used to this, never having a disgusting toilet to clean ever again…”

Well, wouldn’t you know it? When I got home and was about to sit down for a bite to eat, I get a knock on my door. It’s my sweetheart of a neighbor, saying he’s locked out of his apartment and really needed to use the bathroom. He said he was so embarrassed to be asking, but I just said I was happy to help:)

I was laughing to myself, thinking, what are the odds? The day I finally do a swish and swipe, someone drops in just to use the bathroom! I gotta tell FlyLady about this.

Thanks for the work you do,
Flybaby in Austin

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