Reclaim Our Home

Dear Fly Lady,

12 years ago, when I was a young woman, new wife, and new mother, a kind woman told me of you and that she wished she had known the “right way” to clean when she was my age.  I signed up for the emails and shined my sink and totally bought into the process.  However, as you can imagine, my perfectionism always got in the way.  If I couldn’t get it “right” I didn’t do it at all.  And if I wasn’t going to do it, I didn’t make anyone else do it either.  Our house was figuratively falling apart around us, even as we wallowed in our own clutter.

This summer, I decided that it was finally time to get serious.  I took your plan and customized it for myself and the kids.  Their summer activities now include: household chores, music, reading, exercise, devotions and more.  We’ve been on track for a week now, and everyone is settling into a more disciplined lifestyle.  Already, I’m seeing differences in our home.  It may take us the whole summer (15 minutes at a time), but I believe that we can escape CHAOS and keep it that way!  How nice it is to reclaim our home as a family.  Thank you for believing in us and teaching us to FLY.


Your Prodigal FLY Babies
Winchester, VA

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