July Habit #5 This Great Routine

Dear FlyLady,

One of the best things I’ve noticed since I’ve been swishing and swiping is how there is always soap in the soap dispenser, a bag in the trash can and the toilet paper put away in the holder.

We have gotten into this great routine of swishing and swiping but I was wondering how long it takes to get rid of bad routines. We used to keep the toilet paper on the counter. This started when my daughter was 1 and she would unwind the whole roll onto the floor (she’s 13 now) when I started swishing & swiping I wanted everything off the counter so low and behold the toilet paper got put away on the holder.

So here’s my question, how long until I quit turning left for the tp? Especially in the middle of the night, it’s been months now lol.

Truthfully every time I reach for the counter it makes me smile and I say thank you FlyLady, thank you for coming into my life.

To think all 3 bathrooms could be swished and swiped in 15 minutes before finding you and getting the timer was unfathomable. I love the vibrate mode the best. I can do them in far less than 15 mins now.

Thanks so much for everything you do.

Flybaby Barb in MN

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