Blessing The Car


I removed the game apps from my Facebook, and have not logged in much lately.

Instead of FB being what I read, I now read your emails and delete ones I do not need immediately (rather than like in the past just letting them pile up and deleting them all unseen).  Been reading your emails daily for a couple weeks now.

I have physical problems that prevent me from doing much, so I have NO problem stopping after 5 or 15 minutes.

I use the cooking-timer I have had for decades, but can really just use my back as a timer.  Your timer and shipping is a lot of money for me, but I like that yours has that motivation message permanently on it.  I may try to get one one day.

When I get around to installing my printer maybe I will type up a blank page with your quote and use that for the cover of my journal (which I also made this week, thanks to FlyLady Diane’s videos, I finally blindly followed the baby steps, I looked at the all the videos in just 2 days because I have been a member but never really looking at the baby steps. I just did your missions now and then, trying to cement routines).  I still don’t have one cemented.  But that has always been a problem for me.  I can not even remember to take medicine regularly!

But reading your emails and watching other videos reminds at the least do things occasionally, and I might do them faithfully for a while.  Doing SOMETHING, now and then, is good right, even if it is not a routine.  Better than doing nothing at all.

Fridays are car and purse days.

Last week I ONLY did the little I could, (removed trash, dusted dash and wiped front window and removed the 3 mulch bags from LAST year that sat in my car).

Just now, I had a bit of strength and decided to just do the back/trunk of my Scion xB.  It is more of a station wagon.  But the blanket I keep in there  could have used a shake out last week but I just could not manage it, then.  And today the carpet back there needs a good vacuum, but I don’t have the energy to pull that out of the house, so I have a rubber bristled brush like yours and took that out  It did a “…good enough…” job on the backs of the seats, the cloth headrests and the carpet.  Got my blanket shaken out too.  Blanket needs a wash, but that is for another day.

Today my washer is busy washing my bedding.  It is zone 4 the end of the bed.  I decided to go through my 4 containers of bedding and wash, combine, discard, &  giveaway .  I may not be able to CHANGE my bed today, but the sheets will be organized to do that another day, instead of in 4 places.

Back to the car.

I am retied, no kids. Have 3 indoor, constantly shedding cats.  So my car is FULL of cat hair that rubs off of me and items I have been saving up to take to recycle.

But faithfully doing your Friday car cleaning these past 2 weeks, shows me how even a small bit of work, (that I am only able to do with my physical problems), compounds to show improvements.  Thank you.

I don’t use my car much anymore being retired, so the little I can do stays done.  So I am lucky I can see that compounding effect with the little effort.  My back seat needs work, but I see now,  that I do NOT have to do it all, or perfectly to feel a sense of peace and enjoyment with the car’s appearance.

Morning musing, (smiles)
Lancaster, MA

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