July Habit #6 Swish and Swiped In An Emergency

Dear FlyLady,

I have been fluttering for a couple of years and newly swishing and swiping for about 4 weeks.

The other night after coming from a night at church, I took my second dose of a rather large pill. Because the medication was so nasty, I changed how I normally take the pill and decided to use less water to flush it down thinking there would be less of the pill dissolved and less bad taste.

With that said, the pill did not go down the way it should have and it got stuck in my airway. My DH soon found himself doing the Heimlich maneuver while my 9 year old DD called 911 and my nurse practitioner neighbor.

By the time, the ambulance arrived, parts of the pill had been expelled and I was over the toilet spitting and coughing with my neighbor bent down next to me. Two ambulance units had been dispatched, so I had 5 paramedics, one neighbor, my husband, 4 children (2 of mine and 2 that belonged to my neighbor) crammed in my bathroom around the commode.

I am most thankful for for the quick response and for being alive but also thankful that my bathroom had been swished and swiped.

Flying in Woodstock, Md

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