The FlyMan

Dear FlyLady,

We’ve been in our current home for three years and have never liked it.  It just didn’t have room for all of our family’s things.  My husband’s office, my sewing materials, and our exercise equipment were all in the master bedroom along with sports equipment and other stuff.  See our previous house had a garage and extra room for sewing.  With our new move, my husband works from home, and in our new home the garage was converted into the master bedroom.  I’m sure you can imagine what our room looked like.  It wasn’t a bedroom, but a multi-purpose room.  It wasn’t enjoyable or peaceful.

Now we have been decluttering our home so that we can put it on the market to sell because we felt this home could not meet our needs.  We were fed up!  So we rented a storage unit and started to declutter.  We also gave and gave to the local thrift stores.  My husband used your method while decluttering.  Do we love it, or do we use it?  We’ve gone through our whole room, and now my husband says that he can stay here another year or two!  He says the feeling of a decluttered room is so freeing! (I know you’ve said that so many times.) He has said that it feels like its a new home, and he doesn’t feel like there is any hurry to move. I’ve read your essays that mention that this happened to you, too.  I honestly didn’t believe it would change how we felt, but it has!  After he explained to me his new feelings, I shared with him many of your words of wisdom and he said “You can call me the FlyMan!”  I thought that was so funny and wonderful!

Thank you, FlyLady, for being an inspiration and keeping your message going out.  I’m not fluttering but am trying to wrap my head around your system.  I’ve tried to start the Baby Steps, but fall after a few days.  I do have a few habits created, though.  I get dressed to shoes (everyday), make my bed (most days), empty my sink at night and start dishwasher (most days), and morning routine (most days).  One thing that gives me the most boost and motivation is the your audio book of Sink Reflections.  You say to listen to music while blessing the home, but your book helps me way more than music could.  I know that the words are the same every time I hear it, but I need to by Flywashed!  My bad habits and stinking’ thinking keeps me from flying, and you are the just the person to help me.  I know that recording that book was hard for you, and so I thank you for not letting your fears or your discomfort keep you from doing it for us.  It was a complete selfless act, but your heart shows through with every word and tear.  Thank you!!!

Jen from Florida

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