Does a Feather Duster Really Work?

Dear FlyLady,

Didn’t you know that feather dusters only push the dust around. This is not good for people with allergies.

Flybaby S.

Dear Flybaby S.

This is not the case with our Feather Dusters. Chicken feathers push the dust around not ostrich feathers. It is the lack of not dusting that makes allergies act up. When you feather dust every day; you will never see dust again.


Dear FlyLadyfeatherdustersale

Thanks , I did not know there was a difference. How do you clean the feathers and is it oil in the feathers that attract the dust?

FlyBaby S.

Dear FlyBaby S.,

It is the feather itself that collects all the dust. There are millions of little feathers on each plume. They collect the dust. It is not oil. I took this video how easy it is to feather dust my living room.

We use baby shampoo to clean the duster about once a year. Every day when you dust. You go outside and shake out the dust. We call it blessing the world.

Here is a great testimonial to help you understand how it works.


Dusting Should Be Illegal

Dear FlyLady,

I’m a fairly new FlyBaby.  I ordered my feather duster a couple of weeks ago and just had to tell you that you’ve changed my attitude about dusting forever!

An old friend of mine and I had a saying, “Dusting should be illegal!”  Neither of us liked the activity much. I always put it off until my house was thick with dust.  Needless to say, when I did get around to dusting, it took forever and I’d end up sneezing and coughing afterwards.  I’ve always used a rag and furniture polish, that’s how I learned to do it.  After all, feather dusters just move the dust around, right?

Well, I thought I’d give your duster a try since my DH has some allergies and more frequent dusting really would be a blessing to him!  I waited impatiently for my package to come (which it did very quickly) and opened it right when the mailman dropped it on the porch.  It is so pretty and so luxurious!  I couldn’t resist trying it out right away.  I used it on my dresser which I had cleared off the last time we were in that zone.  I hadn’t dusted it yet.  I have to confess I was saving the dust to give my new duster an acid test.  I hadn’t dusted it in probably a year.   I figured it was my dresser, I didn’t have to dust it if I didn’t want to.  Well, the duster stood the test!  My dresser looks great.  And I had such fun that I went around the rest of the house too, in a surprisingly short amount of time!  Then my 4 yr old DS had a turn. We had a ball!

So now I have to say, Dusting should be illegal, it’s too much fun!

Thanks for the tool to make blessing my family fun.
FlyBaby in Staunton, VA

MopHeadComparisonThere is a new XL Mop in town!

We have a new tool in our arsenal to get our floors clean. I love this because it is such a pretty color of blue and it is XL and covers a lot of ground! Here is a comparison to our original mop.

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