July Habit #12 Making An Effort

Dear FlyLady,

Today, July 5th, the fifth day of the swish and swipe habit, we had tradesmen coming in to pull off some roofing to fix the wiring in the ceiling.

I have been making an effort to try and follow the monthly habits, and knowing that the tradies might want to use the bathroom I made an extra effort.

Thank goodness I did.

The problem was not in the roof at all, but when the electrician turned on the power there was a crackling from the laundry. We pulled out the washing machine, and lo and behold, an ancient powerpoint that was getting wet and shorting out (yikes I know). The electrician pulled the front off, and fiddled around in there for a bit, then asked if he could access it from the other side.

‘What’s on the other side?’ you might wonder, and if you happened to guess the toilet you were right. Thank goodness for swish and swipe because he had his head stuck right in behind the loo having a look at where the water was soaking through the wall.

Thanks also for home blessing hour where I sweep and speed mop the bathroom, so I wasn’t repulsed and embarrassed when he was feeling the floor with his bare hands.

Thanks in general for FlyLady and all the good things she encourages us to do for 15minutes.

Lots of Love,
Flybaby Taash, Australia.

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