I Love My Home

testiflyHello FlyLady,

I have been fluttering for a couple of years now…… but have really been putting it into practice for the last 2 weeks….. but you said that if you have routines an stick to those routines for 30 days it becomes a habit…..   Well I’m happy to say that I have been sticking to my routines for 2 whole weeks now….    I’m half way there FlyLady….. I’m happy to be a part of your wonderful family an that’s truly what you guys are to me….

I love my home so much more than I ever have in my whole entire life….   I come home an you are so right my home now hugs me when I am there…..   An I’m even teaching my youngest son to FLY as well an that is so wonderful because I don’t want him to become an adult that doesn’t know how to keep his house clean……..  My Momma didn’t teach me but you did so I’m happy for that….   But I’m teaching him how to keep his home an to have his home hug him when he is there…….     God bless you FlyLady an all the other FlyHelpers…..    God bless you

A Flybaby in Jeffersonville Indiana

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