July Habit #17 No Problems

Dear FlyLady,

We have two and a half bathrooms.

The upstairs is mainly for company and not used much. So I clean it well bi-weekly and sometimes even monthly.

When I am upstairs for a reason, I just use that bathroom and give it a Swish and Swipe. Right before company comes, I check it and usually it only takes a Swish and Swipe to get it company ready.

I swish and swipe the Master Bath during my regular morning routine and my half bath which is off the laundry room as part of finishing up the kitchen.

No problems!

Flying in Lake Wylie, SC

FlyLady here: Our  July habit  is to Swish and Swipe your bathroom everyday.

Have you ever been embarrassed when someone asked to use your bathroom?  Have you ever put off allowing a repair person into your bathroom? Have your dear children watched you clean the bathroom and you have then caught them swishing out the toilet?
We want to hear your stories or tips on the benefits of Swishing and Swiping everyday.

Send your stories or tips to FlyLady@FlyLady.net with Swish and Swipe in the subject line.

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