Collateral Cleaning When in Project Mode

Dear Friends,

Clutter comes off in layers! Things that you were not ready to get rid of eventually become clutter. I am finding this out as I focus on my extra bedroom studio project.

In order to make room for my professional speaker clothes that were in my extra bedroom; I had to focus on my master bedroom closet. Getting rid of the clothes that didn’t fit, that I didn’t like, or that I had not worn was critical for getting the bags of travel clothes into that closet. Our closet now holds all my clothes. This is amazing because they were in three closets. I have lost count of how many bags have been decluttered.

I guess the theme is to get like things together and have a place to put them. I have now put all my clothes together in my closet. Now I didn’t hyper-focus! They are in the closet and in a few weeks I will put all my tanks together and sort items by color. At that point I can have some fun allowing my perfectionism to go wild. But for right now my priority is getting the front room ready for the Big Reveal on Thursday via Facebook Live!  Don’t worry I will  post on Youtube and our website.

So do you see how needing to clean out one closet has resulted in a total of three closets have being decluttered? It is a great feeling! Stuff accumulates if you don’t stay on top of it. Out with the old when something new comes into your home. If you are decluttering then get rid of two or three like items. I think we should always be in that Declutter Mode. When we get out of the habit of declutter our houses fill up!

Do you want to know the strangest thing I have decluttered? In the process of stripping the bed, cleaning out the closet, and freshening up the bedspread on my bed; I am decluttering nine pillows. I have no idea how I ended up with so many pillow but I suspect it was because I had paid a lot of money for them. Pillow are not cheap but if you don’t like them they are not any good but for pillow shams. Just how many throw pillows do you need anyway!

Another area that got cleaned that was not officially in the project mode remodel was my bathroom medicine cabinet. Here again I was wanting to combine items into one place. I have a rattan basket that holds my supplements. If I cleaned out my medicine cabinet; I may have room for them, which would free up a basket under my printer station for other things. I have not freed up that basket yet but I am well on my way to having everything in one place.  I believe one more 15 minute session will accomplish it. As soon as I wrote this, I set a timer and accomplished it The only bottles that are not in my medicine cabinet are my vitamin C powder which is inside the base cabinet.

My Big Reveal will be on Thursday at 2:00 pm EDT.

Are you ready to declutter and find your home?


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