Let the Decorating Begin

Dear Friends,

As you know I have been in remodel mode in my extra bedroom. The Big Reveal is Thursday at 2:00pm EDT on our Facebook page. I have been pacing myself and really having a lot of fun writing, decluttering, and now decorating.

With the bed gone; I could envision what I wanted for this room.

  1. A studio for my Facebook Live Sessions
  2. A place for my Sewing Machine.
  3. My vanity
  4. Printer table and storage
  5. More efficient storage in the Closet

I am not a huge fan of green. When I look in my closet; I have no green clothes. Poor me on St. Patrick’s Day. So I decided to get rid of my green sheers on the window. That in itself will make the room brighter.

The chair that I sit in for the Facebook Live sessions has been in Robert’s family for 300 years. We joke that it came over on the Mayflower. At one point in it’s life; a furniture company in Hickory took it apart and used it as a pattern for a wing-back chair. I know the last time my sweet Mother-in-law had it recovered, they told her that there was not another place to put a nail. So before we had it recovered, I had to patiently pry up every nail.

The chair is now a sea-foam green. Like I said, green is not one of my colors. I started to imagine the colors I do like on the chair: red and blue. I don’t mind seeing me in the bright blue color. This is when I decided to go with a dusty blue slip cover which was less than $65.00. The last time it was recovered it cost over $500.00. If I like this color I may consider this but for now this is just fine. Sort of like testing it out.

I did break down and purchase some storage containers that were clear so I could see what was in them. You know how we are; labels rarely happen. But I may put some pretty labels on the front of them. I have stacked them in the closet. They contain wrapping paper, purses, tote bags, small bags for travel, and geek cords. Now I know where everything is!

My next corner to tackle is my sewing corner. I have a lot of stuff in the basement in bins. I think I will incorporate that into my closet storage. You know how it is when you want to do thing and there are just too many steps involved to even get started. I know me. I might actually begin sewing again. I might even recover my own chair. LOL Keep dreaming. LOL

The last piece of the puzzle is to put up a backdrop behind the chair. I first wanted a credenza which was going to cost a lot of money. I am glad I gave up on that idea. In my Amazon Dream Searches, I found a photographers fabric backdrop that looked like Shiplap! Joanna Gains would be so proud. This is a quick and easy way to see if we really want to nail some boards to the wall. I bought two different kinds and spent less than $50.00. We will be putting that up today.

I am excited to show you the results of my week long process of remodeling the room. See you on Thursday!



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