I Need a Push

testiflyDear FlyLady,

This morning Musing is very appropriate and helped me feel understood.
Do You Feel Joy Every Morning?

This Is great to read the points touched on and really helped. You thoughtfully addressed many specific things that come up, for all of us, trying to overcome our obstacles and finally feel home joy, rather than guilt.

I also like the routine list you created. It has really helped give me the push I needed. I having our homes become cleaner and more peaceful is “for us and our family”. Yet, in the beginning, it helps me to have an actual authority (you, FlyLady) guiding and telling me. When I saw the list, I decided to try following it one morning. The way you write it is great! I hear you saying “every room has a shiny sink”, when I first read that, I said out loud, “darn it” and immediately went  back to shine our bathroom sink that I skipped over cause it needed more than a swipe. I felt so much better and this obstacle helped push me to try and do each item on my list, each day. I go back to my own check list as well. When I need a push, I read yours!

Grateful for you
in Southern California.

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