Everyone is Relaxing

Dear FlyLady,

I am only on day 12 of the BabySteps, but already see a huge difference in our household.  Even my husband commented on how much more relaxing our house is.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and my dear DIL had offered to host since their house is larger.  They would supply the meat and the rest of us would bring side dishes.  At 6:30 am, my son e-mailed the family that my DIL was sick.  In the past I would have panicked at the thought of hosting without at least a week’s notice to get the house ready. But this time, I responded, “No problem – I’d love to host.” And I did!  No house cleaning needed – I just picked up a few stray things, prepared the side dishes I had planned all along, and enjoyed a lovely evening with family and friends.

Thank you for a great website and system!

FlyBaby in Ohio

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