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Dear FlyLadies,

Your many e-mails may seem like a lot, but you never know when one will be THE ONE that finally makes a mark in our little brains.
I have one story that is the front piece in my control journal. It is about a woman who came home from helping with sick relatives to find her home in shambles, her family ill, and managed not to kill/maim her husband.
She steadily worked using the FlyLady method (babysteps) and immediately brought order and comfort to her home. Her internal reserves of patience, kindness, and fortitude had been built steadily by being a FlyLady convert for some time. She worked steadily and took breaks EVERY hour as she fixed food, mopped sickness, washed mountains, changed beds, and still managed to write to thank our FlyLady.

Another story, I keep in my head, is about a control journal that a newly bereaved husband used to keep his sanity and family together after the tragic loss of his wife. Really, our burdens are small compared to some.

But these people are my inspiration and no matter the mess I end up getting into because of my own self, I think that forward progress, jumping in where we are at any moment in the day, the week, the year, is exactly what we are being trained to do by the FlyLady.
We should just shut up, pay attention, and get with the program.
But we struggle, thinking we are right. Well, we aren’t. I’ve timed how long it takes to vacuum my house because I knew she was wrong. She wasn’t. And I challenged a few other things. She has been right every time.
If you’ve not been doing something you should. Then think again. And for heaven’s sake, don’t make it the ten pound behemoth I did. Less is really more.
Thankful FlyBaby,
From SW Kansas
Middle of a wheat field.

PS- I’m currently making a catalog of pictures of our favorite items (favorite shaving cream etc.) and where I buy them for use by my family and me to cut down on shopping time.

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