Take Back Words

Dear FlyLady,

Thank you so much for your angry words musing.  I have had a terrible fight with my husband recently and I know it is so awful to take back words.  I also have been reading your emails lately and I know I have to do something about my depression.   I know being  a fly baby will help me even with that.  But I have had thoughts of suicide a lot lately and I know I have to get some kind of help.  I suffer from chronic lymes so that in its self causes depression.  I am very much a believer in Jesus so I pray a lot and so far it has saved my sanity.  However I know for sure I will be seeking some kind of counseling tomorrow.  I feel God has led me to read your emails lately as I had been a flybaby for a short while a few yrs. ago.  I have still retained some of the habits you gave me but most have been left gathering dust.  I thank you so much for writing about all of this and not sugar coating things.  May God bless you greatly!


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