Do You Want to Feel Better?

Dear Friends,

Some of our members are having a hard time dealing with depression. Many of us have suffered from this debilitating disease. There are medications that can help lift our spirits and if your doctor thinks this is an option, then by all means take their advice. Do not feel guilty or think that there is a stigma attached to taking a medication. I have done it and it worked for me many years ago.

With the help of medication, you can start to dig yourself out of the hole that you have been living in. You see, the chaos in our homes and our depression have a direct relationship. The worse we feel about ourselves, the more cluttered our homes become. There has to be a stopping place. There are a few things we can do for ourselves. These don’t cost money and can be fun.

There are many “Get Organized” groups and systems out there. We have tried many of them, but they have not helped us. Have they? The reason is they were directed toward the symptom of the disease and not the disease itself. Our messy homes are just that, a symptom of something much deeper. A disease of the Spirit. You do not love yourself. Some of you may not be ready to hear this, but don’t stop reading just because it touches a nerve. Until you treat the illness, you are going to continue to have the chaos.

I want to help you find peace. This comes from learning a few new techniques and implementing some routines. When we take care of our minds, body and spirit, the rest will gradually fall right into place, but we have to find that starting place.

One of things I stress is that you get up and get dressed, fix your face and hair and take care of yourself. This is also why, We want you to be proud of your shiny sink. These simple actions can turn the downward spiral into an upward trend. We are not asking you to jump through hoops, just accomplish a couple of simple things first. It will take time, but if you will begin to feel good about what you are doing. Before you know it, the shiny sink will evolve into a clean kitchen and the kitchen will be contagious to the living room. This is the effect of you feeling better about yourself. The change in your home is not going to happen unless you change yourself first. Your well being is the key. That is why this system is a holistic approach to getting organized.

Several years ago, we were taught to fake it till you make it. Well this term works well for us. We can fake a smile and you know what, we will begin to feel happier. It is a proven fact. So put a smile on your face, and go look at yourself in the mirror. Try this with your children. One Mom, did smile therapy with her day care children, they laughed all day and they were not faking it after a while. So When you get up in the morning, wipe that frown off your face and smile that big toothy grin just for me. You are taking your first steps to a happier life. They may be baby steps, but they will get you there. I promise. I have been where you are now. Don’t give up.

Are you ready to FLY with a smile on your face,


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