One Thing Leads to Another

Dear FlyLady,

I have found a way not to get distracted or overwhelmed when I’m cleaning!  I did a five minute room rescue today and as I was picking up I thought of the many many projects that the things I am picking up constitute.  I picked up a patch and remembered I needed to put it in a case.  I found some papers and remembered I needed to pay bills.  Lots of items that reminded me of things I had to do but I was only going to pick up the room!

So….I got out a note pad and as I put things away I wrote down all the things I thought of that I had to do later.  Things that required a trip to the shoe or more time than I have right now and I could focus on the room!  What’s the benefit?  My front room is all picked up and I have a list to move onto the next thing.  Before I would have been overwhelmed and frustrated and thought whats the point of picking up a room knowing I have all these other things to do.  The point is I have a nice clean decluttered room to work in.


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