Dear Friends,

Be sure and join us for our Facebook live show this afternoon at 2:00pm edt. I will be discussing our paper clutter. Yes I know you have a lot of it. Every flat surface of our homes is piled high with papers.


Take advantage of these Summer savings and get your calendar ordered. These kind of savings don’t come around often.

MopHeadComparisonThe first is our XL Mop. This mop is 4 inches longer than our regular mop head.

With these savings now is the time to grab that package you have been wanting to purchase.

We have an put together the New XL Mop in a package for you.


We have been without a car duster for many months. Check out our newest little duster. It would be a cute tool for those little helpers in your home.

The SUMMER15 Coupon Code ends in one week. Don’t wait.


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