The Whole Point

Dear FlyLady,

I’m taking a minute out of my moving to thank you.  I originally found you over a decade ago when my babies were small and I had to get on my computer to check my email. When I tried to do everything at once, I burned out and redirected your emails to my junk mail folder.  It just didn’t work for me, I missed the whole point.

Fast forward to this last year and I’m in a smallish house with five children and a calling from God on my heart to foster others.  I thought I needed a bigger house but then I came across one of your “remodeling” emails.  Over whelmed by my own CHAOS I redirected your emails to my priority inbox.  I’ve been reading nearly all the emails. (If I’m a few days behind, I don’t try to catch up.) When our landlord told us he wanted to sell and we needed to move I was sad, because I’ve been loving the home I had thought I couldn’t live in any more.

I’ve been using the monthly habits and setting my timer for 15 minutes.   I now dress to the shoes every day (and have saved my feet from a lot of pain!) I make my bed (if I forget I can’t leave it, and it gets done.) I’m drinking water, and I’ve been swishing my toilets.  I’m not flying yet but I am fluttering.  I’m letting myself take it one little step at a time, building habits.  We move next week and with a clean slate, I’m looking forward to adopting more routines and tackling daily missions.

Thank you for encouraging Progress not Perfection.  I needed it. My babies needed it. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m recognizing the progress wet make and getting better at living myself and helping my kids to love themselves too. Baby steps. Baby steps.

Thank you,

Flutter Baby Anna

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