Piles of Laundry Cause CHAOS in Your Home

Dear Friends,

In a few days we will start practicing a new habit! This habit is going to change you and your family’s life. Yes it may sound strange, but your laundry not being done stands in the way of the peace in your home.

1. It’s hard to get dressed to lace up shoes with no clean clothes.
2. Piles of laundry make your home messy.
3. Getting ready for school is hard without clean clothes.
4. You don’t know what fits when you don’t wash the clothes.
5. Too many clothes makes it hard to put clothing away.
6. Children don’t have uniforms for their game day.
7. You waste money when you buy clean underwear for the whole family.
8. Spots become set in when not laundered in a timely fashion.
9. Husbands don’t feel loved when they have to search for clean underwear.
10. Children are embarrassed to go to school in dirty clothes.
11. You feel guilty but still don’t step up because you are overwhelmed.
12. You have to do a load of laundry to get the family out the door.
13. Getting ready for church makes everyone hateful.
14. The search for clean socks results in a new fashion statement.

Get ready to start with this new habit. Our goal is to do one load of clothes a day. I know that does not sound like much but eventually you will be searching for something to wash.

To make it easier to put your laundry away clean out one drawer for every member of you family. Keep in mind that laundry has 5 steps; sort, wash, dry, fold or hang, and put away.

You can do this!


dualactionsorterThis is our Dual Action Sorter.

A great laundry tip is to sort your clothing as you take it off. This eliminates a step when it comes to putting a load of laundry in the washing machine.



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