But What If I Don’t Have a Pantry

This is an essay from Leanne Ely of Saving Dinner.com. It is a blast from the past, 2001!

Dear FlyBabies,

If you are living in tight quarters and feel you can’t afford a pantry, start a massive decluttering plan and start looking.  If you’re smart and creative, you can always pull a rabbit out of your hat.  During the Y2K madness, I had cases of canned goods under my bed, the kids beds and dressers (this was before FlyLady–I know better than to have stuff under my beds now–LOL).  I pulled stuff out and rotated with stuff from the cupboards.  So it wasn’t the most convenient.  It worked, though.

Even if you have no pantry space, you can easily make pantry space out of almost anything–like the linen closet.  What do you do with the linens?  Here’s where you need to declutter.  First, only two sets of sheets per bed. Why should we store several sets of sheets anyway? That’s crazy. They never get all used. You will have one set obviously on the beds, put the other set (folded very spare and flat) and store it in-between the mattress and box spring.  The case of too many sheets solved!

The next issue to deal with is towels.  At my house, we have 8 towels.
Two per person.  I use big hooks in the bathroom and everyone has
their own hook, with their own towel.  The second towel is hung on the
back of everyone’s door. Towels are dealt with. Beach towels go in
plastic storage containers and go into the attic–this is a seasonal
item. Keep kitchen linens in a drawer in the kitchen (clean out and
declutter to make room!) Dining room linens–tableclothes, napkins,
runners, etc., can all be stored in a sideboard or buffet in your
dining room. If not, find a drawer for them in a dresser somewhere. If
you have too many for A drawer, it’s time to declutter!

As you can see, there is obviously no need for a linen closet anymore
and a pantry is born.  And in my old farmhouse, there isn’t one so
that’s a moot point, but in your house if you have a linen closet and
no pantry, and you really want one, you can now have one. Plus, you
get extra FlyLady points for all the decluttering! 😉


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