My Calendar Makes Things Happen

Dear FlyLady,

Thank you for such a great calendar!! I realize there are hundreds out there from which to choose, but I will continue to get yours because IT WORKS!  Everyone in the family is catching on, too.  If one of the kids tells me about an event they need to go to, I just tell them to write it on the calendar (in pencil-I’m still working on perfectionism!), and now they actually make it to the event!   If it’s not written down & they miss out on going to something, I am off the hook & no longer get the blame for “forgetting” about it!  I think it is helping all of us to be MORE RESPONSIBLE & ORGANIZED about things.

I have found another WONDERFUL USE for  this calendar! Recently, two of my kids got strep throat within a few days of each other.  Of course they each started their 10-day round of antibiotics a few days apart too.  Keeping track of two bottles & a dosage applicator for one kid was hard enough, but four bottles & two applicators for two kids?! (I didn’t want to cross contaminate, double dose, miss doses, wonder if my husband gave it already, etc.)  Then it occurred to me that I could TRACK ALL OF IT ON MY CALENDAR with the huge squares!

This is how I did it.  On each of the days that someone needed to take medicine, I used a sharpie and wrote his initial at the top of the calendar square for that day (most days had two initials).  Then as I dispensed each dose, I used the sharpie to put a large dot to the right of the initial.  Directly on the medicine bottle, I wrote the first letters of the days of the week the medicine was to be taken, and then added dots as doses were given.  I stored everything for each child in separate Tupperware containers-prescriptions, dosage applicators, sharpies (each child got a different color)-and at dosage time, I just pulled the whole Tupperware box out of the fridge, ready to go! Then all I had to do to KNOW we were on track (and not just guess) was to glance at the calendar & the bottles and ensure we had the right number of dots! EASY!

I know this sounds silly, but using the calendar these ways actually makes me feel EMPOWERED & MORE IN CONTROL of my life.  Instead of just living in a passive way and taking things as they come along (a.k.a. putting out fires), I can be pro-active and PLAN TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN-whether it is something as simple as making sure my kids get their medicine or make it to a birthday party, or as grand as PLANNING AHEAD TO ACCOMPLISH GOALS I can write down one tiny step toward a goal on my calendar, do it on the day I decided, and see progress!  Several times of doing this will help me accomplish anything!  The possible uses of this calendar are ENDLESS!

Thank you!
FlyBaby B

FlyLady Here:  This is the time of year when our kids get sick..and we have to make sure we give them their medicine at the right time and with the right dosage.  This FlyBaby is using the calendar to do this.

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