FLYing for Good


Dear FlyLady,

Three times? Four times? I can’t remember. I think this is the fourth time I have started your program. Now I’m flying for good!

I want to share a before and after story to share how far I’ve come. Before not only did I deal with clutter but with running late. The two go hand in hand! There was one day were I was headed to playgroup with my 3 kids and the place was a wreck! In particular the bathroom – the diaper genie was bursting and the overflow diapers were left stinking up the regular trash can. My daughter had a nosebleed and blood was everywhere. Couldn’t deal with it, had to go!

Imagine my HORROR when arriving home from playgroup, a friend passes by and asks if she can use my bathroom! I wanted to die of embarrassment! I knew I hit rock bottom.

Now I’m rocking my routines. Not perfect, but I’m changing my attitude to embrace progress. Here’s my after story.

In zone #1 one of the missions was to wipe down the dining room table legs. In our house we have a high chair that looks like it has seen combat. That thing was FILTHY! I wet some rags and had my kids help me. They love animals so I told them that we had to wipe the cheetah “spots” off the high chair to make it into a lion. No cheetahs allowed in our kitchen! They loved the project so much they asked what they could wipe off next!

THANK YOU for changing our family!

Bernadette M.

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