August Habit #10 Changing Habits With Time

Dear FlyLady,

One laundry habit that we are developing is folding the laundry as soon as it is done. In the beginning of our marriage, my DH (Dear Husband) and I did laundry together once a week at the laundromat. I almost wish for those halcyon days where it was all done at once, folded and ready to put away.

Once we moved into a house with washer and dryer and started a family, we would try to wash weekly, but because there was so much to do, we would allow loads to languish for days, even weeks! I would wash and my DH would fold.

My DH liked to wait until all the laundry was clean and then make one enormous Mt. Everest of clean clothes before folding. It would take all day to fold, which was fine if there was a hockey game to watch, but most of the time, it just felt like a vast undertaking and most likely wouldn’t happen. We would just root through the clean clothes baskets looking for things to wear.

After discovering FlyLady, I started folding loads as soon as they were out of the dryer. Not only did it go much more quickly than my DH or thought it would, but if we both folded as it came out, it only took a few minutes. Now that the kids are old enough, they help fold and my DD (7) uses “Folding Magic” which makes the task fun.

All the drawers and shelves are labeled in the kids’ rooms, so no more excuses! Everything gets put away without whining. The only thing we haven’t figured out is where the socks go…??

We have also removed the laundry baskets from our rooms – one main hamper with a lid by the bathroom is all we have and when it’s full, it goes downstairs to be sorted. I have single-load-sized baskets (darks/lights/socks & underwear/permanent press/delicate) in the laundry room and when one is full, it gets washed.

That reminds me, I need to go put a load in the dryer right now.

Thank you, FlyLady!

FlyBaby Ruth

FlyLady here: Our habit for August is working on Laundry.

A load a day keeps CHAOS away!  We have a great tool to help you sort as you take your clothes off.
Do you have a story or tips that will help other FlyBabies with this habit? Please send them to with LAUNDRY in the subject line.

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