Quietly Praising

testiflyDear Flylady,

I’ve been listening to your videos online the last few weeks and am saddened by the hurt in your voice from disgruntled email subscribers.  It brings me to tears too.  I just wanted to email you today to remind you that for every one angry email that you receive from an email subscriber complaining, there are thousands of us who are quietly praising your name!  It may be with a little smile when we catch ourselves in the mirror because we got ourselves dressed and fixed our faces in the morning.  Or it may be with our happy feet at the end of the day, because we wore shoes instead of our slippers all day so our feet don’t hurt.  Or it may be when we open our car door to unexpectedly pick up a friend or family member and they don’t cringe before they get in because you reminded us to clean out our cars on Friday.  There are SO many times throughout every day that we flybabies think lovingly of you because you have helped us in so many ways!  They maybe be small changes but they add up to happier lives.  Slow and steady, small changes make big improvements.

Please don’t be discouraged by an angry few.

Thousands appreciate you and need you!



Baby stepping through life in Michigan

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