The Battle of the Calendars

Dear FlyLady,

Once again I went through the Battle of the Calendars about two months ago, and once again yours won.  I’m always tempted by those beautiful calendars, all design-coordinated and elegant (and certainly high-quality in terms of material and construction). But for all their high-priced elegance,  they don’t keep me on track the way the FlyLady calendar does.  Your calendar is so utterly simple and that allows it to work for each of us in whatever ways we need. It’s also a bargain!

Instead of the built-in beauty of those “other” calendars, my FlyLady calendar gets its beauty from what I put into it — all the details of my life, which is varied and colorful and dynamic. When I look at a filled-in page from a previous month, what started out as simple, large spaces are full of life and movement and they practically jump off the wall at me. Every FlyLady calendar throughout the world has that same beauty – but unique to each person.

Your calendar on my wall, and an inexpensive. small monthly paper calendar that I keep with me on the go and in the office, get coordinated each day. I take an index card (yeah, I’m a SHE so the cards are color-coordinated for the day of the week),check the day’s routines and the items on the FlyLady calendar, list whatever needs listing for the day, and clip it into my little paper calendar to keep with me as I go through the day.  This system has worked for years.

FlyBaby M.

backtoschoolFlyLady here: I will be doing my Facebook Live Show at 2:00pm edt. Join us. If you want to ask a question then hold your phone side-ways. Don’t worry if you can’t join us live. I will posting our our website and youtube channel for those of you who are not on Facebook.

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