Who Knew Doors Could Be So Powerful

Dear FlyLady

Last winter our basement flooded. Our home business office was moved into our bedroom where it remains as we wait for the insurance company to finish the rebuild.

I have hated our bedroom ever since. I quit making the bed-what’s the point if there’s a mountain of files right beside it?  Why put away the laundry if you can drape it over the filing cabinet-it’s ugly anyhow?

Last week I had a revelation. I expect most of you figured this out long ago, but I never stopped and really considered the impact in my life a door could make. I closed the closet door and stopped looking at it!

Since I added closing the closet door to my morning routine I have fallen back in love with my bedroom. It’s not perfect, there’s still a desk, but I don’t need to look at the files and papers any more.  I thought others might find it helpful to add that 2 second item to their routine too.

Now I don’t have a to-do list glaring in my face every time I enter my bedroom room. In fact I’ve discover this applies to my homeschool curriculum cupboard, the linen closet and coat closets. Who knew door’s made such an impact!

Thanks for motivating me to keep making things better bit by bit and more importantly, to be a loving mother and wife on the journey.


FlyLady here: We just got this testimonial and it was a wow moment! I am so proud of Dawn! Do you have doors standing open all over your home? Take a minute and go through your home and close all those closet and cabinet doors!  Something so simple can make a huge difference in your home.

I believe there is an essay brewing about other doors that we need to shut!

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