My Family Noticed

Good morning, Marla and Crew.

I have been buying your calendar for three years now.  I absolutely love them so much I even bought one for my best friend this year.   

Recently both my Dear Husband and my youngest daughter have checked the calendar and said some things I never thought I’d hear them say.  I really didn’t think that anyone paid attention to my calendar.  How wrong I was.   

My DH was asked to switch schedules with a coworker and he said that he had to get with me for the happenings of our family.  It was requested that he work on Labor Day and have Saturday off at the end of the week.  My DH only works 3 days every week and once a month he works 4 days.  Yes, he would have been able to switch with his coworker, but that would’ve meant that he’d work a split schedule for the week.  Instead of working 3 days in a row (which is what he’s used to doing), he’d have worked 1 day, had 2 days off and worked 2 more days and not worked for almost another week.  Add to that, the fact that both my girls and I were off on Labor Day, he saw the light bulb glowing brightly.  

My youngest DD11 glanced at the calendar to see that my best friends daughters birthday celebration was on the calendar without me knowing it.  I was in the process of telling her about her friends birthday lunch and she quoted the date, time and location to me before I could finish telling her.  I had no option but to LOL!!!   

This is the first year that I’ve actually been this diligent about using the stickers that I purchased with my first calendar from you and it is very attention getting!!  Thanks for creating something that will be fun to use and look at.

Many blessings to you all!! calendarFB2

Kimberlee, FLYbaby in Alabama

FlyLady here; I am so proud of Kimberlee for displaying her calendar for the whole family to see and using FUN Stickers to get their attention. Are you hiding your family’s schedule in your phone? Your family is watching! Set the example and you may see more participation from them too. 

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