Starting Over Again

Dear FLYlady:

Once upon a time I lived in a tiny apartment that was out of control and I lived with CHAOS. But I practiced the baby steps you provided. (I bought your book, too.) I even wrote to you about the first time I used a feather duster on my ceiling fan blades. (A bunch of stuff flew off – I thought for a minute I was cutting the ends off of my precious feather duster, but it was really just DIRT!) After some time, I got my little apartment under control. I was proud of myself. And when I moved into my home, I thought to myself, “This is my valid reward for learning to manage a home.” I had soooo much space and so little clutter! Guess what happened? I got off the program. Now my big, beautiful home is a smelly, dirty, cluttered mess. CHAOS.

Tonight, I am shining my sink again. It took 10 years for my house to get this way. But tonight I am shining my sink and taking my first baby-step all over again.

Thank you for being here for me (after all of these years).

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