A Revelation

DF (Dear Flylady),

I found you years ago when my husband was overseas with the Army and I had little ones. You have saved my sanity. I make my bed, like a shiny sink, and hit some hot spots regularly, with minimal effort.

Years ago, we found the toilet wand with the disposable, pre-soaped sponge heads. This works for our family. When kids were small I didn’t like to leave a crock of soap within reach.  Plus, my DH will clean the toilets and I don’t have to think about it!

When life gets busy, as you know, routines can slip. Your suggestion to swipe the shower/tub, while you are in it, was a revelation. That also works for me. BUT, Life got busy and shower got yucky. And I was out of sponges. But then I saw that toilet wand and had a genius moment. I scrubbed my
moldy, scummy shower, top to bottom, with disposable toilet sponges, in 10 minutes flat! After all, soap is soap!

-Always Decluttering

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