We Haven’t Missed Anything Since We Bought It

Dear FlyLady,

 I’m a fluttering FlyBaby that has come back again to the fold after six years and 3 children in the land of CHAOS.

I always tried to have a diary(planner) present so that I could keep track of the daily doings of the five of us. This year with all of my girls at school and my husband doing shift work. the wheels fell off my diary(planner).

The only person who looked at my diary(planner) was ME!  

And no-one else in the house knew what was going on and if plans were conflicting. The girls weren’t taking what they needed to school because the only place it was written up was in my diary and no-one looked there but me and then only sometimes, and they were missing out on library day or special deals at the school canteen or we were running mad around the house at the last minute in order to find special items for school news day.  

 So when I started fluttering again 2 months ago, I caved in and bought your Calendar. It’s fantastic. The size of the days lets me keep details for everyone of what is going on at school for the day, what shift my husband is on, appointment times, what time I’m needed at school for volunteer work, what after school activities are on etc. And  I’ve found a great place for it, hanging low on the hall wall at the end of my kitchen and it is directly opposite the bathroom/toilet. 

This means that whenever anyone walks from the back of my house to the front of my house, or goes to the toilet/bathroom you have to walk pass it. Where before no-one but myself looked at my diary lying open in a crowded place on the kitchen bench, I’ve now seen my husband and my eldest daughter plus my two younger twins (who are only learning to read) stop and look at my calendar to see what is going on. My daughter and my husband even let my know things now “so that you can write it on the calendar”.  And we haven’t missed anything since we got it!

Thank you FlyLady for this fantastic, family sized, calendar. It’s working!!

From a fluttering FlyBaby in Australia who is back on the bandwagon.

FlyLady here: Any calendar will work for you if you will use it. You have to check it before bed, first thing in the morning, and your family needs to be able to rely on it. Put your calendar in a place where they will see it often. Your stickers and color codes will help get their attention. Our calendar has lots of room to for your busy family’s schedule!

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