Ask FlyLady: We Need Help in the Morning?

Dear FlyLady,

I’m Jenifer, and I work as a substitute teacher. I started last year and didn’t expect to end up working basically full-time hours , and my home showed it!

This year I’d like to have a plan to keep it under control, but my routines tend to become overwhelming. I don’t have time in the a.m. because all 8 of us share one bathroom and have to leave at the same time, but streamlined afternoon and evening routines would do the trick.

I just need help not trying to put in too much! Any suggestions, or point me toward some other posts on the topic- I (and my family!) would really appreciate! Thank you so much!


Dear Jenifer,

You also need a morning routine. Racing to get out the house while everyone is battling for the bathroom is not a fun way to start your day. Those words, “I Don’t Have Time!” are self defeating! Stop saying that! You do have time if you will follow some of these tips.

My suggestion would be for everyone get their showers the night before; if you are not already do that. Establish your launch pad by the door where you exit the house. Each evening place the items you will need  by that door. Each person in your home should do the same thing. This will keep you from looking for items in the morning.

I want you to eliminate the CHAOS in the mornings. You are the person who sets the tone for your home. This is why it is so important for you to go to bed at a decent hour and get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.

Good rest will give you the ability to get up before the flow of the family. Just 15 minutes will get you dressed to shoes and that frees the bathroom up for others. With your shower out of the way as part of your before bed routine; there is less to do in the morning.

I know I wake up with chicken hair; this is why I wet my hair before I style it. I like to keep a spray bottle of water to help with that. As a child I learned early on that I had to share a bathroom with my mom and three sisters. I learned to do most of what I needed to get dressed in my bedroom. The only things that actually needed doing in the bathroom where brushing my teeth, showering, and using the toilet.

Your Before Bed Routine is going to free up your morning to run smoothly. Because so many people are sharing the same bathroom; you may need to set up a schedule and put a timer in the bathroom. You do have two sinks in the house and teeth can be brushed at the kitchen sink.

It is sort of like you are all college students sharing a bathroom. Each person needs their own toiletry caddy or bag. This way everyone has their own hairbursh, tooth brush, and the items they need to use to get ready.

With your family doing their Before Bed Routine, every person has their clothes picked out with their items are on the launch pad and ready for tomorrow. Even the table can be set for breakfast. Can you just imagine your whole family sitting down to enjoy breakfast together without being rushed.

This can happen. Just a little system to eliminate the stress of a morning will start your day on a beautiful note.Office in a Bag

Do you have your routines written down? We have a Control Journal to help guide you through your day. Post It Notes work too!

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